The Smart Send Advantage

Better prices. Exceptional service. Discover the better way to ship to your online customers.


The smartest way to ship within Australia on your Shopify store!

All the reasons you’ll love Smart Send

Evolving from a background in courier and freight aggregation, we’ve set the standard for Australian online shipping for over 15 years. It’s in our blood!

Fantastic Pricing

Smart Send provides unbelievable pricing for regular senders or established ecommerce stores.

Multiple carriers

We get the best price or service for you by querying seven different carriers that provide over 50 domestic and 20 International services.

High support priority

Safety in numbers – due to the long term relationships we’ve built with our carriers, we make the carrier sending your orders sit up and take notice if there’s a problem.

The shipping professionals

Before we were online shippers, we earned our stripes in the Australian freight industry. We know our stuff.

Customer Service is Key

Take advantage of Smart Send’s exceptional customer service at no extra charge. At no time do you need to contact transport carriers/couriers to resolve any pickup or delivery issues. 

Simply lodge a query via the Customer Service link on the Smart Send site (we respond to initial enquiries within 9 minutes on average during business hours) and our staff will liaise with our contacts at the transport carriers and resolve the matter on your behalf. You will be updated at all stages of the enquiry until resolution.

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Please note: the Smart Send Premium app is for Australian based stores shipping domestically.

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