Australia’s Best Shipping app for Shopify

The smartest and most economical way to ship through your Shopify store


The smartest way to ship within Australia on your Shopify store!

The Best Shopify Shipping app developed by transport industry experts with an understanding of the issues that can occur with online shopping deliveries.

Real-time quotes

Forget the flat-rate guessing game; real-time quotes at checkout ensures that you don’t lose your shirt charging too little for shipping

Pack well, ship cheap

We know that the products you sell come in all shapes and sizes – that’s why we offer a multitude of options and tools to maximise your savings by getting the packing right.

Fulfill everything

When it’s time to send the goods, fulfilling your orders is as simple as clicking a button and choosing a pickup date. Use the rate quoted for the customer at checkout, or tweak the packing and re-quote the rate.

Better Prices

When it comes down to it, our shipping pricing is hard to beat. Volume senders pay even less!

Choose your carriers

We get our great pricing by asking seven different carriers for their prices – and we give you the option of picking all or some of them

Free to install

Install it and try it out for free – pay nothing until you ship something!

Please note: the Smart Send Premium app is only for Australian based store owners shipping domestically

Here’s some examples of “Door to Door” shipping pricing available via Smart Send

Sydney to Melbourne, 500gm charge weight $8.94 incl. GST
Brisbane to Adelaide, 5kg charge weight $14.77 incl. GST
Melbourne to Canberra, 10kg charge weight $20.69 incl. GST
Perth to Sydney, 25kg charge weight $36.60 incl. GST
Sydney to Brisbane, 40kg charge weight $37.90 incl. GST

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